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What my Screename really means.

Posted on: December 7, 2010 2:01 pm
Many people read my name and assume i was a giant fan of Randy Moss, in all actuality im not.  Never have been, the man always annoyed me but after time i let go of it and was just happy the Patriots won despite his antics.
Ive often said there are two types of rules for players.

The Randy moss Rules and the ones for everyone else.
Meaning that Randy does whatever he wants and doesnt care what the team, the owner, the fans, the media or ANYONE else thinks.  In some respects you can admire his carefree modus operandi but in others he comes across as selfish, cocky and lazy.
While he did actually win me over for a time and i still consider him a hall of famer when all is said and done he is a man who could have beaten jerry rice records but his laziness and self serving tude have prevented it.

So that is what my name means, the rules for everyone else, and the randy moss rules.
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